Frequently Asked Questions
When are you open?
You can see if a mechanic is available in the app. If there is currently no mechanic available you can still place your order, however please expect a few hours delay until your bike will be fixed.
Do you fix any problem with my bike?
Currently we are only fixing flat tires but we are constantly improving our services and we will be able to fix a lot of other problems too in the near future.
How long does it normally take to fix a flat tire?
Step 1: When a mechanic is available, she or he will confirm your order. Timing depends entirely on currently available mechanics.

Step 2: Mechanic will show up at the time you agreed to meet. The time for repair depends on the mechanic but it shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes for a tube and a tire. Cycle Savers can not guarantee for the exact duration.
Do I have to be there when the mechanic repairs my bicycle?
Only to unlock and lock the bicycle. For locking it, you can actually arrange that the mechanics should throw your key into your mailbox or drop it at the receptionist at your workplace. However, the arrangement for locking the bike is between you and the mechanic, CS does not take any responsibility for any inconveniences (e.g. stolen bicycle because someone took the key from the receptionist). We suggest to lock your bicycle to a streetlamp without locking the flat tire (i.e. just lock your frame to a post), then the mechanic will be able to do the job without your presence.
Can I cancel my order if I e.g. fixed the problem myself in the meantime?
Just go into your menu in the app and select 'Orders', there you can cancel the order. After that please contact us to become a Cycle Savers mechanic ;)
Can I pay with MobilePay?
Yes, you can!
Where are you operating?
Currently we are operating around Central Copenhagen. You can see a red border inside the app that marks our service zone.
What kind of spare parts (tubes and tires) do you use?
We use products by the German brand Schwalbe (tires have a 3 mm PunctureGuard) for ordinary bicycles. Spare-parts may differ occasionally.
Can I still approach CS if the repair-service I wish (e.g. you have multiple bicycles in your backyard that need a mechanic) is not available yet?
Just drop us an email to info@cyclesavers.co or check out the support section inside the app.
Are you hiring new mechanics?
Mechanics work on a freelance basis and use CS as their working platform. Watch out Jobs for any available positions. Get in touch with us and hear more about it!